Vision Collection

Full Access Cabinetry

A collection that uniquely encourages and releases your designer’s creativity to design anything from a contemporary to a traditional look.

Transitional Offering

Offered as either wood or melamine box construction, our Vision Collection fits nicely into a transitional design.

Maximize Functionality

Today’s kitchen designs are all about maximizing the functionality of each cabinet. Offering broad range of shelving and organization options encourages you to personalize your kitchen.

Appliance panels containing a refrigerator

Unique Species

By eliminating the front frame, our Vision Collection allows your designer to unlock their creativity in a variety of species, veneers, finishes and materials.

Diverse Door Styles

Preview some of our most popular Vision Collection door styles that we create in our manufacturing facility in Lancaster County, PA.


Vision Collection doors


Designs come to life in the Vision Collection.

Find a Designer

We have 100+ hand-selected design partners across the country. These award-winning designers can guide your vision for your home into a fully satisfying reality.